• Privacy assurance
    Based in UK and Germany, we use trusted infrastructure in European jurisdiction and run our own datacenter. Our tooling works offline. There exist 3~4 suppliers for plagiarism detection and only TripleCheck is verified as assuring the privacy of your source code.
    Based in the US where the NSA is legally entitled to access foreign software data handled by them. Snowden confirms cases of recurring industrial espionage on German companies and the EU confirms several cases of business loss (your innovative competitive edge).
  • Easy to run?
    Plug our USB flashdrive to your laptop, drop the code, get the result.
    Runs in Java and has no third-party dependencies, this technology was kept simple and fast from the start.
    Get a server just to run the tooling. Call support to install software with them. Web clients might only support Internet Explorer and you will need to upload your code to that server.
  • Licensing quality score
    You get a score from 1 to 10. Not just for licenses, we test your own code to see if it is correctly marked and give tips on what to fix.
    Will focus on the licenses of third-parties for larger blocks. Doesn't check if your own code is being licensed and marked as expected.
  • Knowledge base
    Java, C, C++, C#, and the programming languages that you use. Tens of million open source projects with around 5 trillion source code files.
    If that code snippet was written before, we will very likely find it.
    Either use the data from package managers or don't find stolen code at all. Mention as priority focus the security, rather than software plagiarism. Not taken seriously to find copyright infringement cases.
  • SPDX (the standard for license exchange information)
    SPDX is the backbone of this technology. Each of your projects will write/read and use an SPDX document.
    Mention support to SPDX but ask them to provide you one (and wait some months). You'll be using a web portal without chance to export that data elsewhere.
  • Pricing
    Our customers get a working product even when they stop being customers at some point. You paid for the product, it keeps working.
    When you don't pay, you don't get tools working nor access to your own information when moving to another solution (lock-in).
  • Lock-in
    We use plain text files that you can read, write and share with others.
    Customers unable to export their information to a different product. Or when available, doesn't export everything you need.
  • Report available on real-time
    During the scanning process we provide an on-going report showing the current matches that enables you to start repairing your code right away.
    Other products need to finish the analysis before outputing a report. In some cases, requiring over 48 hours of waiting before you see any results.
  • Customization
    Complete control over the report generation. Users can modify HTML templates, translate to other languages and connect with third-party services.
    Limited possibility of creating a tailored report. At most, you can change the logo on the report and add some footer information. Connection to other services is limited to a few options.

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