This file lists the third-party and authored software components. and the first paragraph contains a summary with the component name, license terms, along with origin. Some items will have more than one license reference or terms, when there are multiple entries, they are separated by an ";" to clearly mark them.
The remaining paragraphs are listing:

  • version
  • copyright
  • license reference
  • file with original license terms
  • online page from the author

The ABOUT document that applies to the auto-generated files inside the inventory folder.

This folder contains one ABOUT document for each software component that was found.

This folder contains a set of text files with the exact license terms that were found as applicable to each item. Some license terms are applicable to multiple software components, as noted for example on the Apache Software License version 2.

This folder contains the set of reports automatically generated during a scan, or later modified by end-users to adjust future scans.

A text file that is auto-generated and lists the actions that end-users can perform to improve the licensing quality score of their software.

This JSON text document is auto-generated and lists in full detail the information gathered about a project. This document can be reused by any other tools capable of parsing JSON data and includes information such as plagiarism matches, quality details, third-party information, among others.

An excel report that lists the software components that were found, similar as found inside the inventory.txt text file.

This folder contains the HTML report for the plagiarism scan. It is recommended to open this report using Firefox or Chrome. For large scans containing more than 3000 matches, we recommend using only the text file (actions.txt) since the browser version is slow in loading thousands of entries.